New lower Fees and Enhanced Investment Options
Makes a Great Plan even Better!

For nearly two decades, MNSAVES has sought to make higher education more accessible to families.

As one of the nation’s lowest cost 529 plans, MNSAVES makes your goal of saving for your child’s education more attainable.

Want proof? Here's how MNSAVES average plan fees rank against eighty 529 college savings plans.*

Based on average annual asset-based fees.
*Source: ISS Marketing Intelligence 529 College Savings Quarterly Fee Analysis Second Quarter 2022.

Bringing industry best practices to MNSAVES.

The Plan’s Age-Based glide path structure, commonly offered in most 529 plans, has been replaced with an Enrollment Year structure establishing investment portfolios tied to a beneficiary’s expected enrollment date of use. This structure is more progressive with more frequent investment reallocations to conservative investments over time which may improve investor results during extreme market events.

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More reasons to choose MNSAVES...
Low Cost

MNSAVES is one of the lowest cost plans in the country.

Easy Investment Choices

MNSAVES makes selecting investment options easy by offering a variety of choices, including a new enrollment year investment option.


Funds can be used for qualified education expenses throughout the U.S. and at many schools abroad.

Everyone can help

Family, friends, neighbors, essentially anyone interested in helping you save.

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